California now has fairer laws on HIV

by: CHPRC     October 24, 2017

These laws – which criminalize otherwise legal conduct of people living with HIV and increase criminal penalties based on a person’s HIV-positive status – were passed at the height of... [Read More];

Repealing Obamacare Will Devastate Efforts to Stop HIV

by: CHPRC     July 5, 2017

Republicans in Congress came close this past week to repealing the Affordable Care Act and in the process rolling back two decades of progress in the fight against HIV that... [Read More];

Why aren’t gay men getting a meningitis vaccination?

by: CHPRC     April 7, 2017

Say there was a disease out there that was mostly fatal, often debilitating, and could cost you your arms and legs — but there was also a vaccine available to help make sure you get it. You’d want the vaccine, right?

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