Past Events

Summer Seminar: Literature Review Methods & Best Practices

August 24th, 2017,12:00 pm UTC

This literature review training was presented by Ayako Miyashita, Elizabeth Wu, and Alex Rhodes, and covered the following topics:  Purposes of literature review Different kinds of literature review How to conduct a literature review How...

Summer Seminar Series: Policy and Legislation

July 24th, 2017,12:00 pm UTC

California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Center presents "Legislation and Policy Practice" with Craig Pulsipher (APLA Health) and Aaron Fox (LA LGBT Center). This seminar covered policy research and its use in HIV-related state and federal legislative...

Summer Seminar Series: Rapid Response Policy Research Methods

July 20th, 2017,9:30 am UTC

California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Center presents "Rapid Response Policy Research Methods" with Professor Ian Holloway. The seminar covered basic social science research methodology used to shape HIV-related policy research with real-world relevance. Download the Presentation...

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