To bring the most relevant and timely evidence to bear on HIV/AIDS policy making in order to further California's efforts to develop and maintain efficient, cost-effective, and accessible programs and services to people with or at risk for HIV/AIDS


Two Collaborative HIV/AIDS Policy Research Centers, funded by the California HIV/AIDS Research Program, that support research and policy analysis that addresses critical issues related to HIV/AIDS care and prevention in California.


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Monday, 07/31 | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Summer Seminar Series: Policy Continuum
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc Education campaigns needed to increase #PrEP awareness & uptake, esp for black & Latino low-income young #MSMhttps://t.co/3hJbV9j0PR 15 hours ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc Results '#HIV self-test= in use by #MSM who have hi risk, ppl selftested positive sought timely confirmation of inf… https://t.co/0Pwd9Oy81x 15 hours ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc RT @HIV_Insight: Stigma preventing thousands with #HIV from seeking treatment in SC https://t.co/4ZPeK0HLgm MT @ijindexjournal https://t.co 15 hours ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc ICYMI @ian_holloway gave a seminar yesterday on Rapid Response Policy Research! Scroll back thru our tweets to see… https://t.co/Cd1OeNQhy3 17 hours ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc #chprc fellow @PeterD5th organizes a monthly Midnight Stroll providing #HIV testing & services to homeless trans ppl https://t.co/Wmd0s0PeCe 18 hours ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc "We're in dialogue w/ the community in setting our priorities, and talking to community when issues come up" @ian_holloway #hivpolicy #chprc 2 days ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc "However, whatever the outcome, we need to make sure that we report results objectively" @ian_holloway #chprchttps://t.co/WQYQyOPB7l 2 days ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc "When we decide on a project, we need to consider potential impact it could have on the pops we're studying" @ian_holloway #research #ethics 2 days ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc "Consider: are the people who are willing to participate in your study already biased to some interest?" @ian_holloway #research #chprc 2 days ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc "We need to evaluate results not only on their clinical significance but on their political & policy impact" @ian_holloway #chprc #hivpolicy 2 days ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc "We need to become more comfortable consumers of #research. Do these stats make sense?" @ian_holloway #chprchttps://t.co/pBWnhEUgIi 2 days ago
CHPRC CHPRC @ca_hiv_policyrc Professor @ian_holloway talking about control variables or covariates #research #policyresearch #chprc #meningitis https://t.co/zIONrES695 2 days ago

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